El Paso Saddleblanket Co.

El Paso Saddle Blanket, a 50-year-old company specializing in the sale of personal products (i.e., bags, rugs, carpets, jackets, etc.) with a Southwestern, Western and Mexican flair.

Technology : Shopify, Javascript, (Semi-Custom project)     Client since 2017

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Understanding our Client

BST always begins by providing consulting services to the client. The shift from retail to wholesale operations required significant changes to the website. The old operation needed two websites: one for the products and the other for e-commerce. The technology and data management processes were very arcane and its operational workflow had to be kept in mind for the wholesale operation.

Figuring Out

To help solve these issues, we created a custom Shopify Application for Saddleblanket to calculate wholesale discounts, provide tighter integration with Stripe for wholesale order modifications, and send custom email notifications to EPSB staff. We gave them the Solution for an integrated B2B website to serve the company from product management to order collection. Plus the option of processing orders off-line for flexible credit card processing. The website also had the feature to be an initial lead generator for future customers.

The Solution

This allowed for better User Interface for the customer. Customers could now see wholesale discounts in real-time as they added products to cart. It saved hours of labor for EPSB staff that were calculating discounts for each order. Also, this process saved time by not requiring calling each customer for their credit cards. This not only increased their sales, but also increased productivity. This permitted them a chance to work with marketing teams to generate more business.

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