zconnect.io is a Zoom application that helps manage the Zoom waiting room for courts and allows court staff to identify, validate, assign roles, and group participants before they enter cases. zconnect.io provides an efficient virtual court experience for all court staff and participants. By implementing a bi-lingual registration step and a waiting room control panel, the app allows court staff to organize, prioritize, and group participants in a way that meets the courtroom privacy and workflow standards.

Tech used: Ruby on Rails, Stimulus, Postgres           Product Launched 2021

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With the ongoing pandemic and an immediate switch of in-person work environments to virtual, zconnect.io was born. Courts at any level, each with its own workflows and standards, work with their teams; a Judge, clerks, assistants, and others, as units to manage the daily docket. These teams have been in the same routine for years and the entire system is designed around a live environment. In an incredibly short amount of time, these teams were asked to migrate this workflow into a virtual and hybrid virtual environment with no playbook or best practices on how to meet standards.


We provide courts at any level, an easy-to-use app for Zoom that allows Court Assistants/Clerks, Participants, and Observers a platform that automates their workflow. The app helps Court Assistants/Clerks to understand who someone is and why they would like to join the proceedings before they ever enter the Zoom meeting room.


The app has positively impacted courts through prioritizing and organizing participants while saving thousands of hours of collective time for all court participants, including attorneys, defendants, litigants, witnesses, advocates, family members, and others. Prioritizes fairness as Judges and staff have more visibility as to who arrived and when. Which ultimately helps out judges and staff who have multiple cases on any given day. It also improves security by enabling Zoom registration, automatically changing meetings, and not sharing the direct Zoom link with participants. It allows easy identification of participants who needs translators before a case starts and provides a bilingual registration step for court participants. Bright Sol Tech is an active partner on zconnect.io and continues to work on the app in hopes to grow into other sectors.

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